Troubleshooting Results–It Pays to Ask!


One of the many challenging jobs a Convention Convenor has to tackle in the course of planning a convention is that of troubleshooting–resolving problems before they become issues. Recently I have received numerous emails and phone calls from individuals who have experienced some difficulties in booking their hotel rooms at tHe Radisson for the July 14th-16th, 2011 for the Ontario Horticultural Association Convention.

The first problem that arose began at the Reservation Centre. Those wishing to book a room for the entire Convention weekend were initially given a different price for the Thursday, July 14th booking from the quoted $115, $125 and $135 prices quoted in our Letter of Agreement. Desiree Hamilton, Catering Manager at the Radisson quickly looked into this and discovered that Sunday, July 17th had mistakenly been noted in the booking information instead of Thursday, July 14th. She quickly arranged for the necessary corrections to be made in our booking information so this would not reoccur and noted that any members with billing concerns re the price for Thursday, July 14th booking should speak to the hotel management when they arrive and have this matter corrected.

The second problem was encountered when members attempted to book a double room for 3-4 people who would share the accommodation. They were told that there would be an extra $10 levied per person for the third and fourth occupant above the $115 price originally quoted which would result in the room costing $125-$135 per night. Again, I discussed this with Ms. Harrison who stated that “There would be no extra charge per head for the amount of people in a room and that you can fit up to four people in the standard rooms. The adjustments to bookings will be made for the arrival on Thursday to departure on Sunday.”

I am impressed that these problems have been resolved quickly and without rancour and hope that the future bodes well. Be sure to get your rooms booked as they are going quickly.

Merry Christmas to all!


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  1. Posted by Janis Hamilton on December 27, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    Just a quick question. If we don’t get to stay at the Raddison and perhaps stay at the Quality Inn. We can’t walk back to the hotel and if we take a bus to Sudbury with a society is there room to park the bus or even if you drive your car? The hotels are not that far, but the Quality is a bit of out town and not the best to walk to late at night.
    Just wondering if this has come up before?


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